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Presently Kingfisher Farm is a family affair.


Nathan loves everything nature related and is very passionate about sustainable food production that improves the ecosystem rather than destroying it. He's also a permaculture design consultant and in charge of being Dad at the farm.

Samantha loves being outside and is excited to have a great excuse to be out rain or shine. She is passionate about her family and supporting other families through the exciting adventure of having a child. She is also the owner of Nesting Owl Doula Services, providing birth and postpartum support to families in Central. Check out for more information.

Gabriel runs the show at Kingfisher Farm. He dictates most of the work hours and is very particular about the quality of our work, often going so far as to play with the gardening tools to ensure they are up to his standards. He loves the outside as much as his parents and particularly enjoys a good meal of fresh soil. 


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