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About KFF

Vision. Values. Focus.


Toward Responsible Sustainability

More than ever it is becoming evident that past practices are no longer an option for many aspects of our lives, specifically regarding food and energy production. Kingfisher Farm addresses some of these practices and issues by designing, in partnership with our clients, new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our CSA, a Community Supported Agriculture program, provides members with weekly baskets of fresh vegetables. This program is designed to make healthy, local food available and to include members in the growing process if they are interested in learning the techniques we use to grow our vegetables. 

Our primary focus is to open the door to those wanting to become more self-reliant, to give our clients the skills to manage and maintain the systems Kingfisher puts in place according to their wants and to allow them to live the lifestyle that they and their families dream of. 

Vision. Values. Focus


Kingfisher Farm's vision is to be the leader in sustainable farming practices and an innovator in the field. We see ourselves not only as a business but also as educators as we envision sharing our collected knowledge with an ever growing group of like minded people. It is out ultimate hopes that with our help, all our clients will learn and maintain the skills necessary to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Our values are rooted in eco-mindedness and manageable sustainability. We strongly feel that we have a responsibility to our environment and the best way to fulfill that responsibility is to help others move toward a more sustainable way of life. This is why Kingfisher Farm exists as a permaculture design consultancy and as support for our clients after our initial design and setup have been completed.


Our focus is on our clients as it is through the growth of those people integrating permaculture and sustainable practices into their lives that we can truly make a difference. Not only is the initial planning and designing an important part of what we do, but ongoing consultation, trouble shooting and sharing of knowledge is a primary focus to us. Only through continued support and education can we make sustainability itself sustainable.

Location: Gambo Newfoundland


Telephone: (709) 571 4343


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