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From Our Garden...

Kingfisher Farms offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. This means that our customers are part of our farm and have a say in what we do and what we provide. The CSA program provides our members with fresh vegetables, fruits, and goods each week. 

Below you'll find a profile on each of our crops and pictures to help you identify them.


The sweetest beet that we could find. The dark red tubers and large greens are both delicious.


The lollipop beet is a showstopper. It's rings alternate between bright red and white and show how many months it has grown.


A beautiful pickling beet, its smooth orange skin hides a bright golden centre. The greens are also very tasty. 

Touchstone Gold


Dark green heads with tightly packed beads, this broccoli is a wonderful addition to a steamed veggie medley.  

Castle Dome

Very tightly packed heads with tender florets and few side shoots. A great broccoli for anyone to grow.


Bush Beans

Tender and delicious, this butter-yellow bush bean is grown from open pollinated seeds and goes great Hodge Podge.


A determinate bean that grows pods up to 11'' long! These giants are among the tastiest of green beans.


These beautiful beans are stringless and turn green after cooking. Great for blanching and freezing.

Royal Burgundy


Deep green cabbage with large heads. Thin crispy leaves have a peppery taste and make delightful rolls. 



An early-ripening melon with great taste and large fruit. A sweet summer treat. 

Sweet Granite


Dark, purple carrot with its beautiful colour running the whole way through the core. It keeps this colour when lightly cooked. 

Deep Purple

A coreless carrot that's tender the whole way through. The sweetness of this carrot is best right out of the ground, just the way we deliver them.


A late season carrot that gets even sweeter after the first frost. A great end of season treat.



The gold standard in white cauliflower. Tight bunches with great flavour and tender florets.


A beautiful shade of purple makes this cauliflower a favourite. Makes any salad just that much more interesting and delicious.



This amazing, triple sweet corn was specifically picked because it does not cross pollinate. We love taste and our planet.

Honey Select


A dark green, great slicing cucumber that produces well in our climate and loves the heat of our hoop houses.



A dark green, great slicing cucumber that produces well in our climate and loves the heat of our hoop houses.



Gai Choi

A quick growing asian green with just a little spice. Goes great in a salad or used like spinach with a little kick in any recipe.

Ching Chaing Pac Choi

An early, baby Pac Choi with a delicate vase shape and tender young leaves


Tokyo Bekana

One of our favourite greens! Tokyo Bekana is delicious when used as a lettuce and can be cooked like cabbage. Big beautiful heads of bright green leaves.

Piccolino Basil

Dome shaped basil that grows exceptionally well in containers. This little basil plant makes a great addition to the indoor herb garden and backs it up with amazing flavour.

Dukat Dill

Gabe LOVES fresh, raw dill flowers from the garden. We prefer the more often used leaves on our dishes and in our sauces but you can't argue with the kids pallet. 

Rosie Basil


Classic tasting basil with a beautiful deep purple coloration. Need a great basil to pair with tomatoes? You got it!

Sweet Marjoram

Very closely related to oregano with a little extra citrus flavour. Makes a great dried and stored herb for months when fragrant herbs are tougher to come by.


Sweet Basil

Classic basil with bold flavour! Mix it with blueberries and heat on the stove for a sumptuous and healthy topping for oatmeal or cereal. Works on ice cream too, just in case you were wondering.


We love mint in ice water and with berries. Be warned though, don't go planting these in your garden. You'll quickly be over run. Although it would make a delicious lawn!

West Coast Kale

Perhaps our most prolific grower, WCK is both beautiful and tasty. Use it as a green in a salad, on a sandwich or, as I recently discovered, boil it with Jigg's Dinner! Makes a great substitute for cabbage.


The standard for Kale, Winterbor has wonderfully curled leaves and makes a great freezing candidate for winter soups and stir frys.



Blue-green, upright stalks make perfect additions to winter soups.


Black Seeded Simpson

A large, cut and come again lettuce that produces great in early seasons and has excellent, curly leaves throughout the spring and fall.

Blushed Butter Oak

Our most popular lettuce variety. Hard to argue with the beautiful Bronze and green leaves on sizeable round heads. 

Green Forest

A lovely green Romaine that produces early and offers a great crunch!

Rouge d'Hiver

Large, red romaine hearts grow all season long and make rouge d'Hiver one of the very best lettuces to add colour and crunch to any salad.



We just had to try these enormous onions! You're going to be trying them with us for the first time this year!

Red Beard

Originating in China and Kazakhstan, Red Beard is a sweet, red bunching onion that makes an early season treat for onion lovers like us.


A symbol for the direction of our farm, Welsh onions are perennial onions, coming back every year! We are so excited to be taking one step closer to true sustainability!


Wonderful, yellow storage onion. This is the onion most people think of when they think of a standard onion.


King Tut

Peas actually taken from the tomb of King Tut! Hard to believe but there's a lot of historical proof to back up the claim. We figured if a king liked it enough to take it with him, then it should be pretty darn good. A new one for this year!

Sugar Snap

Gabe's favourite treat from the garden. Our former CSA members know just how sweet and delicious these peas are and we're excited to spread the taste around. 



Sweet and spicy all in one. Arapaho peppers are prized for their initial spice followed by a cooling sweet bell pepper taste. These are some of our favourites to grow and watch the red climb up the pepper.

California Wonder

Reliably large, sweet peppers that range from bright green to fire engine red. Great for stuffing or in stir frys

Hungarian Hotwax

Back by overwhelmingly popular demand! Hungarian Hotwax peppers have the perfect amount of spice for people who like it hot...or rather, hottish.


The classic hot pepper! Buckle up for some old fashioned heat. New to us this year but not new to most who've had them on nachos or inside stuffed burgers.


Though they look like a hot pepper, these slender peppers are most definitely sweet and a pleasure to cook with.


Purple Beauty

Probably the funnest pepper to watch grow, these dark purple, bell pepper beauties are both lovely to eat and wonderful to look at.

Lady Slipper

A bright pink variety of standard radish. Goes great in a salad for some extra crunch and spice.

French Breakfast

Un radis fait parfaitement pour les salades ou bien pour griller tout seul. A great salad and grilling radish, French Breakfast is a wonderful veggie to work with.

White Icicle

We don't mean to be reminding people of snow and ice, but White Icicle Radish are too interesting and too packed with good vitamins not to grow!


For those who like a little extra heat in their salads. Like the paste, these radishes bite and are absolutely beautiful with their bright spring green colour. 



We grow Glaskin simply to produce a great rhubarb that is staggered with our common NL variety, allowing more harvests and more for your kitchen.



The French 'Eschalion' Shallot, Zebrune has a delicate flavour and bears a similar texture to onion making it very easy to work with in the kitchen.


Sea Side

One of the best varieties for baby spinach, Seaside is quick growing, succulent and an early producer.


A spinach that grows sweet berries...? We don't know how well this is going to grow, but I mean, we had to try right?!


Pinnacle Spaghetti

We don't do a lot of squash at Kingfisher, but we love spaghetti squash and Pinnacle seems to enjoy all the diverse company in our growing beds. 

Swiss Chard

Bright Lights

There aren't many things in the garden that are prettier than the bright colours of our Swiss Chard. Packed, and we mean PACKED, with great vitamins and minerals, Bright Lights is simply a wonderful veggie for anyone to grow.



These sweet, little cherry tomatoes are both beautiful and delicious! It's hard to harvest enough just because we love to snack on them while we're picking.

Get Stuffed

These are perhaps the most Newfoundland-like named tomato on the planet unless there's something out there named Some Shockin' Good. Like Newfoundlanders, they are sweet and distinctly beautiful.

Jaune Flamme

An amazing plum tomato that grows quite prolifically in our garden. Jaune Flamme fits in very nicely with our other French vegetables and adds to the Haute Cuisine possibilities.

Red Zebra

Our latest tomato to market, this one is Nathan's favourite slicer. The taste has hints of citrus but is still incredibly sweet. It simply can't be beat on a sandwich.


This may be the best tasting tomato we've ever had. It's truly hard to describe just how good this cherry tomato is and how different it is from grocery store cherry tomatoes. 


Yellow Brandywine

In this corner, weighing in at a staggering 1lb per fruit, the undisputed, undefeated, heavyweight tomato champion of the world, Brandywine. 


One of our most popular vegetables that no one had heard of. These sweet, Japanese turnips are perfect for grilling, roasting or eating raw.

Purple Prince

Smaller and sweeter than the traditional rutabaga, this turnip produces excellent greens and a great, soft root for cooking with Jigg's Dinner. 


Sugar Baby

Yep! We're trying watermelon this year with two new varieties. Sugar Baby is what you would normally think of when you imagine a watermelon; sweet and cool with reddish pink flesh and green skin.

Yellow Doll

Because we believe in diversifying the colour on your plate, we're also trying Yellow Doll. Just like the name says, this is a yellow variety of watermelon. Come on with the warm weather!



Since 1885, this zucchini has been a favourite in Italy. Beautifully stripped fruit on large bushes are perfect for growing in our garden and baking in our oven!

Costata Romanesco

Another Italian variety of zucchini that matures quickly and produces large, ribbed fruit. Uniformly bright green and excellent in a loaf. 

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